Palm of Hope Jewelry Designs


Karen Gatchell, also know by her Hebrew name, Tamar Tikvah is the core of Palm of Hope designs.

Drawing from 40 years of fine art and graphic design experience, a love of fashion, and a fascination with the mineral world, Karen designs her pieces to be wearable art for women everywhere. Her studio in the beautiful Sonoran desert is located in Tucson, Arizona.

Her goal is to empower women to express their individuality through their jewelry and make a unique statement with their looks every day.

family owned


Karen's other half, Brian is a key part of the design process and the reason our shows happen. At the studio, he uses his background in geology to cut unique minerals and stones for our signature pieces. On the road, he is responsible for planning our adventures and getting our show logistics in order.

Karen's son, Ted has recently joined the team to work on the marketing side of the design studio. He and Karen bring marketing and business solutions to clients wanting to do single projects or rebrand an entire company.